Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I view Change 3, Department of Defense Instruction (DoDI) 1322.25, “Voluntary Education Programs?”

You can view the DoD instruction from the homepage, DoDI 1322.25 tab (top of the page), and a sample of the DoD MOU (Step 1 at the bottom of the page).                        

(Updated:  July 07, 2014)

2. What is the purpose of the revised DoD Voluntary Education Partnership MOU?

The revised MOU includes efforts to enhance departmental oversight of  voluntary education programs as well as incorporate the remaining requirements as stated in the President's Executive Order 13607, "Establishing Principles of Excellence for Educational Institutions Servicing Service Members, Veterans, Spouses, and Other Family Members," signed April 27, 2012 (available at

New provisions:

1. All educational institutions providing education programs through the DoD Tuition Assistance (TA) program:

• Will provide meaningful information to students about the financial cost and attendance at an institution so military students can make informed decisions on where to attend school.

• Will not use unfair, deceptive, and abusive recruiting practices.

• Will provide academic and student support services to service members and their families.

2. Implementation of rules to strengthen existing procedures for access to DoD installations by educational institutions.

3. Requirement that DoD conduct an annual review and notification process if there are changes made to the uniform semester-hour (or equivalent) TA caps and annual TA ceilings.

4. Requirement that the military departments provide their service members with a joint services transcript (JST).

5. Implementation of the DoD Postsecondary Education Complaint System for service members, spouses, and adult family members to register student complaints.

6.     Authorization for the military departments to establish service-specific TA eligibility criteria and management controls.

(Created: May 15, 2014)



3. What are the institution’s requirements to sign a new DoD MOU?

1. ALL educational institution main institutions must sign the DoD MOU within 60 days following final rule publication in the Federal Register. (Deadline: 11:59 p.m. EST on September 05, 2014)

2. The requirement to sign the revised DoD Voluntary Education Partnership MOU applies to educational institutions with a previously approved and signed Voluntary Education Partnership MOU with DoD.

3. The name of the educational institution and its additional locations must be posted on the DoD MOU website under the ‘Participating Institutions’ tab (located at

4. One (1) signed; revised DoD Voluntary Education Partnership MOU with the educational institution’s main institution will cover any program offered by the educational institution, regardless of location.

(Update: July 07, 2014)